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According to founder Marcello De Lio in an interview about his project, Just Artisan made $15k in sales in December 2020, with very little advertising. However, they are now working on expanding their user base, using retargeting on Facebook and other marketing methods to reach new customers. Unlike Etsy, they don’t allow vintage sales, and they don’t allow reselling.

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I feel like that makes it harder to try iCraft out for a single month to see how port leucate jet ski much traffic you get as a seller. For example, you might list your item in the Handcrafted & Finished Pieces category. First, it is much, much larger than Etsy. It is the second-largest online marketplace in the US , allowing you to reach a much larger audience.

Maybe, you’re just not getting many sales on there. As of 2019, more than 2.5 million sellers sold items through Etsy. Etsy is a popular website and with good reason. But there are a few reasons why you might want to use another site to sell your crafts online. Benjamin Levin is a digital marketing professional with 4+ years of experience with inbound and outbound marketing.

  • There is a lot of competition for art prints on Etsy.
  • But there are a few reasons why you might want to use another site to sell your crafts online.
  • This works in a slightly different way to the other sites on the list.
  • Instead, a lot more sellers have been importing products and reselling them — reselling is allowed in the vintage and crafts categories on Etsy.
  • However, you will still have to pay a commission per sale, which is fixed at six percent + VAT.

Most sites do start with good intentions, but as they grow (eBay anyone?) they forget their routes and making more money rules over everything else. We have been operating for just over 2 years now and have 350+ sellers from across Canada & the United States. There was a problem with Direct Checkout earlier this month, no one to reach out to via phone. Not good to set up your own sort of banking system without offering clients a phone number. Glad to hear you guys are keeping busy and doing good.

Selling On Etsy

If you’re selling digital downloads, it’s nice to offer a few different size ratios. In the process of trying to troubleshoot the credit card issue myself, I happened across more info in the FAQ Help Section. Mixed in with all the other information on setting up your shop is the declaration that you cannot sell items that are under $10. Maybe someone has a small handmade item that they wish to sell for only $8. I am spending on average about $70 a month for Etsy to promote my products as I have a $2 a day budget built in. On average 140 and more hits each day, worldwide.

If you offer a variety of options in a theme, you can have an image showing all of them. Just be careful to label it so customers don’t think they will receive all of the options. If this is a digital download, you need to say it everywhere, including the listing images. The first type is a JPG file where you lay your image over the top of the existing image. So for digital art, you would just resize your art and place it over a frame. Work in a CMYK color mode, unless you are making art for print on demand, which mostly requires RGB.

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PinkLion.com, is another handcrafted online marketplace. It caters to premium and high end handmade goods. Or maybe you’re tired of the high competition on Etsy? If that’s the case, then a site like Bonanza where there are fewer sellers to compete with might be best for you.

It’s a new free handmade marketplace with no commission on sales and no listing fees. The one for pet lovers goes like gangbusters at christmas and the jewelry shop kicked in a little this year but there are so many people selling jewelry. After christmas, everything flat lines including the pet one. I’m trying to find a better place to sell. Have tried store envy for my jewelry but they don’t have teams for forums, just a facebook support forum and after a couple months, I haven’t sold anything.

You can add your designs to more than 1,500 blank products. You can put your designs on everything from mouse pads to phone cases to mugs. Right, if you want to get your designs out there and on lots of products from t-shirts, to mugs, then you will definitely want to give Zazzle a try. It’s another one to consider selling your crafts on. Folksy provides secure and instant payments and doesn’t hold your money.


And it’s also a free eCommerce website builder that provides sellers with customizable online stores. Products that you upload to your seller’s store are automatically added to the marketplace too. GLC Craft Mall is another place to consider setting up your own craft business. The website is a community of independently owned craft stores where you can sell your handmade arts and crafts. Once your stuff sells, the site charges 15% of the selling price of the product. It is actually one of the best sites to sell handmade jewelry, paper crafts, and lots of other craft items is iCraft.